New Bearcat

The Ruger New Bearcat is a large-frame single-action revolver chambered in .22 LR. The New Bearcat is Ruger’s recreation of an Civil War-era Remington single-action revolver, but with some updated features such as a transfer bar, which allows the hammer to indirectly strike the firing pin because the transfer bar absorbs the impact and then presses against the firing pin. It also protects against accidental discharge if the gun is dropped.

The New Bearcat features blued alloy steel or stainless steel construction. The New Bearcat includes a barrel length of 4.2″ and overall length of 9″. The New Bearcat employs an integral notch front sight, blade rear sight, hardwood grips, and a six-round engraved cylinder.

Ruger recommends the New Bearcat for “just about anyone who needs a dependable .22 LR revolver for the trail.”

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