Saiga (Option)

The Russian American Saiga (Option) is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm, .223 Rem. and 7.62 NATO. The Saiga family of rifles are based on the ubiquitous Kalashnikov assault rifles, of which the AK-47 is the most widespread exponent. The AK design is very rugged because it can still function after being exposed and submerged in water, sand, dirt, and mud. Just like the AK, the Saiga (Option) uses a very clean gas-piston operating system. It functions by capturing propellant gases into a tube near the muzzle, directing gas onto a piston, the piston then drives the bolt to the rear and the bolt ejects an empty casing and loads a fresh round.

What makes this model different from other Saiga rifles is an optional skeleton buttstock with an adjustable cheek piece.

The rifle is available in 7.62 NATO (7.62X51) and 7.62×39. The difference between the two is the NATO round has a higher velocity and is the more accurate round. The 7.62×39 was the standard round for the AK-47 and meant for automatic fire.

The Saiga (Option) is recommended for hunting large and medium-sized game

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