85 Black Bear

Sako 85 Black Bear bolt action rifleThe Sako 85 Black Bear is a bolt-action rifle chambered in six different cartridges. Sako is a Finnish gun manufacturer formed in 1927, and headquartered in Riihimaki, Finland. However, since 2000 the company has been owned and operated by Beretta. The Sako 85 is an upgraded Sako 75 with the major difference being the 85 has a straight comb. The Sako 85, like the 75, was designed with big game hunting in mind.

Features unique to the Black Bear include a synthetic stock with soft grip areas on pistol grip and fore-end. The stock also has a recoil pad on the butt. The Black Bear uses a detachable magazine, but it can also be loaded through the ejection port. The Black Bear employs adjustable sights, and integral rails for scope mounts. Lastly, it is equipped with a fluted bull barrel. Bull-style barrels use minimal or no tapering, allowing them to withstand the firing of successive high powered loads..

The Sako 85 uses a controlled feeding action, meaning the bolt face actually grabs the rim of the cartridge from the magazine. Controlled feeding prevents the round from falling out of the chamber during cycling. The bolt itself has three locking lugs and they, in turn, provide a user with a 70-degree lift. The action is made from heat treated steel, a process that leaves the steel hard and durable. Sako categorizes their actions by size such as extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), et cetera, and the Black Bear is size S and M Sako actions.

As with most Sako 85s, barrel length, overall length, weight and magazine capacity vary depending upon action size.

All Sako 85 rifles share a number of features such as free-floating, cold-hammer forged barrels. Free-floating barrels do not come in direct contact with the stock, meaning stock components do not absorb post-shot recoil. Hammer forging is a process whereby a mandrel is carefully passed through the bore in order to carve the rifled grooves. This process is known for achieving superior durability and precision. It has a single-stage trigger set at a two- to four-pound pull. Also, its safety locks both the trigger and the bolt handle. In addition, a bolt release button allows cartridge loading and removal while the safety is engaged.

As the name suggests, Sako recommends the Black Bear for hunting black bears.

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