savage 220f bolt action hunting shotgun

The Savage 220F is a bolt-action hunting shotgun chambered in 20 gauge. Savage designed the 220F to fire primarily slugs instead of shot, so it functions more like a rifle instead of a shotgun.

Slugs are often criticized for being slow and inaccurate because they are more or less chunks of lead typically designed to pass through a smooth bore, but the 220F tackles that issue head-on. It has a rifled barrel, so the slugs have a controlled spin as they pass through it. Bolt-actions are typically given to precision rifles—aim for a quality instead of quantity. Otherwise the 220F ’s features include a synthetic stock and carbon steel barrel putting it around 7.5 pounds.

It uses Savage’s patented AccuTrigger, which is basically a trigger on a trigger. The AccuTrigger prevents accidental discharges by using an internal lever that must be lifted before the firing pin can punch forward. Also, shooters don’t have to switch the safety off after sighting in.

Savage recommends the 220F for hunting small and large game.

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