Model 16 FSS

The Savage Model 16 FSS is a bolt-action rifle chambered in .308 Win., .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., and .223 Rem. The Model 16 FSS is one of nine rifles in Savage’s Weather Warrior Series. Savage Arms was founded in 1894, and is headquartered in Westfield, Massachusetts.

The FSS  features an internal box magazine, swivel studs, and Savage’s AccuTrigger system. The AccuTrigger system features a dual-stage trigger design in which the first (vented) trigger acts to disengage a safety mechanism. Once this occurs, the second trigger can be depressed in order to activate the firing pin. The trigger assembly is also user-adjustable for weight of pull. The FSS also features Savage’s patented AccuStock system. The AccuStock includes an integral (internal) aluminum spine that runs the length of the forearm, resulting in a more rigid stock that allows the barrel to float freely. In addition, the AccuStock is bedded so as to apply both horizontal and vertical (3-dimensional) pressure to the action. This achieves in a tighter fit between stock and action, resulting in increased overall gun accuracy. The Model 16 FSS is drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
Savage recommends the Model 16 FSS for general hunting/shooting.

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