The Sig Sauer P210 is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered for 9mm. Based on the design of the French Model 1935 Pistol, the P210 was designed to replace the Luger Parabellum 06/29.

The Swiss Army and police units adopted the historic P210 in 1949 and stayed in service until 1975 when it was replaced with the P220. However, it is still in use by the Danish military.

Features include a carbon steel slide and frame machined from solid billet steel and custom wood grips. All its steel components are treated with a protective Nitron brand coating. The P210 also has an internal drop safety, which is intended to prevent accidental discharge if the gun is dropped. And, since the steel slide rides outside the frame rather than inside, the P210 achieves a tight fit between barrel, slide, and frame. For this reason, the P210 is known for its high level of accuracy.

Sig recommends the P210 for law enforcement and competitive shooting.

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