The Sig Sauer P238 is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered in .380 ACP. There are 13 sub-models of the P238 and they differ by finish and grip otherwise they share the same small dimensions and weigh about a pound. The P238 was designed for concealed carry, but uses features from the popular large-framed US military pistol the 1911. The P238 has a Beavertail frame where the frame curls over the thumb, a single-action only trigger, which sets off the action with a short pull, and a cocking hammer. It has Siglite night sights that are adjustable for windage. Its round, the .380 ACP, is a popular concealed carry round because it’s comparable to 9mm. However it has less stopping power.

Also, in July 2009 Sig Sauer released a warning that models issued with a serial number between DA000501 and DA003216 were manufactured with a faulty safety. For more information contact Sig Sauer.

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