Sig 516 Patrol

The Sig Sauer Sig 516 Patrol is a semi-automatic tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO. The Patrol is an AR15-style rifle and has a gas-operated piston driven system, which functions by the propellant gases cycling back through a tube located near the muzzle and then it’s directed onto a piston to drive the bolt back. And, it’s made of a lightweight aircraft grade alloy and it weighs 7.3 pounds.

An interesting feature on the Patrol is the adjustable gas regulator that allows shooters to adjust the gas pressure that drives the bolt back. Sig says this feature is intended to provide smoother cycling with different types of ammunition or a change in the weather. Kind of like how some trucks are built with  “four-wheel drive” and “two-wheel drive,” so they’ll be able to drive on different surfaces.

Features include a military grade barrel and trigger. The barrel is also free-floating, which means it doesn’t touch the stock. The free-floating prevents the barrel from pushing against the stock when it heats and swells. The barrel also has a corrosion resistant chrome lined bore. And, although the Patrol doesn’t have any sights it does have quad Picatinny rails for easy mounting of optics and accessories.

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