Sig 516 Sports Configuration Model

The Sig Sauer Sig 516 Sports Configuration Model is a semi-automatic tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO. The Sig 516 is an AR15-style rifle and has a gas-operated piston driven system, which functions by propellant gases cycling back through a tube located near the muzzle and then it’s directed onto a piston to drive the bolt back. And, it’s made of a lightweight aircraft grade alloy putting its weight at 7.6 pounds.

The SCM is similar to the Basic model except it has a full-length Picatinny rail up top, a rail on the bottom and on either side. Otherwise features include a military grade barrel and trigger. The trigger will set off the action with a 7.6-pound pull. The barrel is also free-floating, which means it doesn’t touch the stock. The free-floating prevents the barrel from pushing against the stock when it heats and swells. The barrel also has a corrosion resistant chrome lined bore.

Sig Sauer recommends the SCM for competitive shooting.

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