Lemon Squeezer

The Smith & Wesson Lemon Squeezer is a break-action revolver chambered in .38 Special, .38 S&W and .32 S&W. There are actually four variants of the Lemon Squeezer and they vary by size, caliber or materials. The gun is called “lemon squeezer” because when the user break-opens the frame it exposes the cylinder and resembles a lemon squeezer.

Model 32 is identical to the Model 38 except it is chambered for .32 S&W, which was originally a self-defense cartridge made for black powder. The Model 38 was chambered for .38 S&W, which is slightly larger than .38 Special. Both models were discontinued before WWII.

The Model 40 and 42 are chambered in .38 Special and have 1.875″ barrels, but the Model 42 is made of an alloy steel. The Lemon Squeezer features a hammerless operating system and a double-action trigger. They were discontinued in 1974.

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