Model 627 Performance Center

The Smith and Wesson Model 627 Performance Center is a large-frame revolver chambered in .357 Mag. and .38 Special +P. The Model 627 is a series of revolvers and the Performance Center models, which are weapons of original designs, make up half of the series with a short and long version. They share two features. They are both stainless steel and have a wooden grip. Otherwise they are different guns.

The short version has an adjustable white outlined rear sight and a dovetail red ramp front sight. It has a black wooden grip, a tear drop shaped hammer and a short 2.625-inch barrel. And, because of its size, S&W recommends it for open or concealed carry and hunting.

The long version has a long exposed hammer, an adjustable rear sight and a gold bead front sight. It comes with a synthetic grip along with the wooden one. S&W recommends it for leisure or competitive shooting, and home protection.

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