Model 627 Pro Series

The Smith and Wesson Model 627 Pro Series is a large-frame revolver chambered in .357 Mag. and .38 Special +P. The Pro Series is one of four in the Model 627 series and the fact that all four shoot the same cartridges is what holds the series together. Otherwise they are all very different. The Pro Series is stainless steel with a matte finish and has a black synthetic grip. It has an adjustable rear sight and an interchangeable front sight, something the other models don’t have. Also, it has a recessed precision crown, which means the muzzle has been cut flat to allow propellant gases to escape evenly in turn improving accuracy. It has a large exposed hammer and a short four-inch barrel. And, it is the least expensive model of the series at $969. S&W recommends the Pro Series for leisure or competitive shooting, and home protection.

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