The Smith and Wesson Model SW1911PD is a large-frame pistol chambered in .45 ACP. Originally developed by John M. Browing, the 1911 style is ubiquitous among pistols. The 1911 design traditionally includes an all metal construction, a single-action only trigger, manual thumb safety and a grip safety. What’s unique about the SW1911PD is that it’s available in both Commander and Government configurations, which are just different sizes guns. And the SW1911PD Commander models accept after-market commander accessory parts.

The SW1911PD features a scandium alloy frame, a stainless steel slide, and skeletonized hammer and trigger. It also has a titanium firing pin. Optional features include Crimson Trace Lasergrips, which activate when the shooter wraps his or her hand around the grip. And the Government model is part of S&W Tactical Rail Series meaning it has a Picatinny rail molded to the frame for easy mounting of accessories.

S&W recommend the SW1911PD for law enforcement and home protection applications.

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