Compact Cougar

Stoeger Compact Cougar

The Stoeger Compact Cougar is a semi-automatic medium-frame pistol chambered in 9mm.

The Compact Cougar is the baby brother of the Cougar 9mm and the most significant difference between the two besides the smaller frame, the Compact weighs slightly less and holds 13 rounds.

Otherwise it has the same features that includes a rotating-locking system, which means the barrel stays straight and actually spirals as the slide pulls back. On other systems the barrel just sort of sits and, as the slide pulls back, dips down in turn lifts the front.

The Compact has an ambidextrous safety that works as a de-cocking lever, so shooters can change between double- and single-action. Its Bruniton black finish is corrosion resistant and doesn’t glare.

Stoeger recommends the Compact for home defense and law enforcement.


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