Condor Outback

Stoeger Condor Outback

The Stoeger Condor Outback is an over-under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The Outback is very different from the standard Condor.

First it has a short 20-inch barrel making its overall length 36 inches and it can fire a wide range of ammo including slugs and magnum loads. Instead of a vent rib barrel and bead sight, the Outback has a notched rear sight and a fixed blade front sight, which are more like rifle sights. Its single trigger fires both barrels and it comes with two screw in chokes.

The Outback is available with either an American walnut stock and blued steel barrel or a black hardwood stock and a nickel-finished barrel.

Stoeger considers the Outback a multi-purpose shotgun and recommends it for leisure shooting, hunting game and home defense.


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