Model 2000

The Stoeger Model 2000 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The M2000 costs around $525 and comes standard with a full set of chokes, so shooters can use it for any type of shooting. Instead of a gas system, it has an inertia driven recoil system where a strong spring inside the bolt absorbs and delays the recoil. While the shotgun recoils the bolt basically stays still momentarily (microseconds) before pushing back and chambering another shell. Since the bolt isn’t gas driven there isn’t a lot of carbon build up–meaning less cleaning. The bolt itself has a simple three-piece design: spring, bolt body and rotating head. The safety button is beside the trigger. The butt stock has a hollow tube behind the bolt, so an optional mercury-filled recoil reducer can be installed. And, the M2000 is available in four stocks. Stoeger recommends the M2000 for leisure shooting, home defense and, depending on the choke, hunting most game.

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