P-350 Pump

The Stoeger P-350 Pump is a pump-action shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The P-350 costs an average of $380 and comes standard with a full set of chokes, so shooters can use it for any type of shooting. It has a rotating bolt and the bolt head’s three lugs lock sturdily into place–steel on steel–so when the firing pin punches forward it hits precisely on mark. Also, the lugs add another benefit because the P-350 fires all types of 12 gauge ammo, including magnum loads, so it’ll hold up against a high volume of force. To reduce recoil, the butt stock has a hollowed tube, so an optional mercury-filled recoil reducer can be installed. And, the M2000 is available in three stocks. Stoeger recommends the P-350 for leisure shooting, home defense and, depending on the choke, hunting most game.

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