Model .25 ACP

The Taurus Model .25 ACP is a semi-automatic small pistol chambered for .25 ACP. The Model .25 ACP includes six pistols among Taurus’s Special Edition line of handguns. Taurus is a multi-faceted manufacturing conglomerate based in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The Model .25 ACP features either rosewood or Mother of Pearl grips (in pink or white), and utilizes a tip-up barrel for easy loading.The Model .25 ACP is constructed of stainless steel alloy, and is available in black or stainless finishes. Tip-up barrels break upward from a hinge-point near the muzzle, and may be loaded as such. The Model .25 ACP offers an 9-round magazine. The .25 ACP also includes Taurus’s TSS Security system, allowing the gun to be completely disengaged and rendered inoperable with the simple turn of a key. A key receptor on the rear part of the slide accepts a custom key that accompanies and is unique to each gun. In addition, a red dot on the rear of the slide indicates a chambered round.

The .25 ACP model is also available with optional gold trigger and hardware accents, including gold safety, grip screws and accessories. The Taurus Model .25 ACP is offered as a small-sized limited edition pistol.

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