Model 940 .40 S&W

The Taurus Model 940 is a large semi-automatic pistol chambered for .40 S&W. The Model 940 .40S&W comprises two pistols among Taurus’s Special Edition line of handguns. Taurus is a multi-faceted manufacturing conglomerate based in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The Model 940 .40S&W features gold trigger and hardware accents, including a gold safety, grip screws and accessories. The 940 is constructed of stainless steel alloy, and is available with rosewood or Mother of Pearl grips.  The 940 offers a 10-round magazine, and also includes Taurus’s TSS Security system. This system allows the gun to be completely disengaged and rendered inoperable with the simple turn of a key. A key receptor on the rear part of the slide accepts a custom key that accompanies and is unique to each gun. In addition, a red dot on the rear of the slide indicates a chambered round.

The Taurus Model 940 .40S&W is offered as a limited edition pistol.

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