PT 708 Slim

The Taurus PT 708 Slim is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered for .380 ACP. The 708 Slim is part of the Slim series and has features almost identical with the 740 Slim. Named “Slim” because it is 1.04″ wide—that’s about 0.1″ to 0.2″ smaller than most other small-framed pistols.

Features include three-dot sights that are adjustable for elevation and wind. Several safeties including a trigger safety that prevents the firing pin from punching forward unless the trigger is actually pulled, so if it’s dropped no accidental discharge. A safety switch, just in case, and a lock safety that renders it functionless with a turn of a key. It has an interesting ergonomic design by adding a thumb and index finger groove on both sides. There is a thumb indent for the action-hand’s grip and a finger groove along the frame just below the slide to place the passive hand’s index finger.

Its caliber .380 is comparable to 9mm, but has less stopping power.

Taurus recommends the 708 Slim for concealed carry.

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