PT 740 Slim

The Taurus PT 740 Slim is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered for .40 S&W. The 740 Slim has been praised for its smooth cycling and comfortably compact design by many reviewers. Named “Slim” because of its thin frame. Otherwise the Taurus 740 has a basic features for a compact pistol.

Features include three-dot sights that are adjustable for elevation and wind. Several safeties including a trigger safety that prevents the firing pin from punching forward unless the trigger is actually pulled, so if it’s dropped no accidental discharge. A safety switch, just in case, and a lock safety that renders it functionless with a turn of a key. A thumb and index finger groove make for an interesting ergonomic design.

There is a thumb indent for the action-hand’s grip and a finger groove along the frame just below the slide to place the passive hand’s index finger. And, the 740 Slim costs around $483, which is about a hundred dollars less than a comparable small-framed .40 like the Glock 27.

Taurus recommends the 740 Slim for concealed carry.

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