Raging Judge Magnum

The Taurus Raging Judge Magnum is a medium- to large-frame revolver chambered for .45 Colt, .410 or .454 Casull. Taurus says its revolver is properly named the “Judge” because it is the gun most judges choose to conceal under their robes while in court. But the Magnum stands out from the rest because it has a 3” chamber, can fire magnum shells of course, is available with a 3” or 6” barrel, and it’s considered Raging because it holds an extra round.

Features include rubber grips with cushion inserts, Taurus’s lock safety that disables the gun with the turn of a key, fixed sights with a fiber optic front sight that’s brightly colored and easy to see, it is hammer fired and shooters can set the action off with a long pull (double-action) or short pull (single-action). It uses a transfer bar, so the hammer strikes a flat bar that presses the firing pin instead of the hammer striking the firing pin directly. And it has a loaded chamber indicator, which is a thin piece of metal that pops up when the weapon is loaded.

Taurus recommends the Raging Judge for self-defense.

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