Mark V Ultra Lightweight

The Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in 15 cartridges. The Mark V line is Weatherby’s premium grade rifles.

Weatherby is notable for their bolt-action operating systems–a modified Model 54 action–which is an early 20th century design for centerfire cartridges. Weatherby’s Mark V’s bolt body is designed with six lugs (nine for magnums) that secures the bolt firmly into the receiver. With more lugs, or wider lugs, the bolt requires a short 54-degree lift for full rotation and chambering. Weatherby also strengthened the bolt body by milling it from a single piece of steel, so it can withstand more powerful cartridges.

The Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight is, like the name suggests, a lightweight rifle weighing just 5.75 pounds. The Ultra Lightweight features a lightweight Bell and Carlson brand composite stock and fore-end. In addition, the Mark V Ultra Lightweight has a stainless steel barrel that is blackened to reduce glare and is also fluted to reduce weight. The bedding plate is constructed of aluminum and is machined for added precision and durability. The Mark V Ultra Lightweight is equipped with a fully adjustable trigger that is initially factory-tuned to 3.5 pounds. Its bolt has a fluted body, which reduces surface area and weight. The Mark V Ultra Lightweight also has a cocking indicator that visually indicates whether the rifle is uncocked or cocked and a recoil pad.

Weatherby recommends Mark V Ultra Lightweight for field hunting.

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