Model 94/1894

The Winchester Model 1894 is a lever-action hunting rifle chambered in .30-30 Win.

The Model 1894 is a decorative version of the Model 94, a sporting rifle designed to use a smokeless powder first introduced in 1894. On the left side of the receiver of the 1894 is an engraving of an old Winchester Repeating Arms crest and on the right the words, “Two Hundred Years, Oliver F. Winchester,” and the dates, “1810 — 2010.” The 1894 comes in 2 models: the custom grade and the high grade. The difference between the two is about $500 and gold engraving on the custom grade. Otherwise, the 1894 has a fancy grade walnut stock and checkered fore-end. Its angled ejection port is helpful if a shooter wants to use a scope. It also has a buckhorn rear-sight and a gold bead front sight.

Winchester recommends the Model 94 for sport shooting and hunting hoofed animals. The 1894 is a decorative model.

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