Super X3 All-Purpose Field

The Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The Winchester Repeating arms company was founded in the United States in 1866. As of 2006, Winchester is under the license of FN Herstal and Browning Arms Company.

The Winchester Super X3 All-Purpose Field features back-bored barrels to increase ballistic efficiency as well as produce optimal shot patterns. The Super X3 All-Purpose Field utilizes a synthetic stock and fore-end, both of which are finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage. Stock surfaces are coated in DuraTouch brand protective coating. Additional features include 3.5 inch bore size (3″ in 20 gauge), nickel-plated bolt for reduced friction and added corrosion resistance, and interchangeable choke tubes (IC, F, M). Also included are sling swivel studs, length of pull stock spacers, and drop and cast adjustment shims. In addition, the magazine can hold up to four 2.75″ shells, depending upon shell length.

The Super X3 All-Purpose Field is recommended by Winchester for general field shooting.

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