The Windham Weaponry MPC is a semi-automatic carbine chambered in .223 Rem. or 5.56 NATO. Long story short, Windham Weaponry used to be Bushmaster Arms. The owner of Bushmaster sold the company to Remington and then in early 2011, he bought it back and renamed it Windham Weaponry. The MPC is one of three AR-15-style rifles Windham produces. If one were to compare the MPC to the other models (SRC and HBC) they could call it the standard model. It has adjustable military sights and a standard barrel.

The MPC uses a gas impingement operating system, meaning the propellant gases that push the projectile out of the bore are captured in a tube near the muzzle. The tube directs the gas backwards toward the bolt and ultimately push the bolt back and cycling the action.

Features include 6 position telescoping buttstock, which allows shooters
to adjust the stock to his or her liking, and the receiver is made of
7075 T6 aircraft aluminum, which is a corrosion resistant alloy. The
material was originally designed by the Japanese in the 1940s for
fighter jet frames. Now it’s commonly used to make bikes, planes, boats,
cars and firearms.

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