Bob Hritz of Lilly's Tombstone Memories, a brick and mortar gun store located in Tombstone, Arizona, has had great success selling fine vintage firearms on

Hritz was good enough to share his experience with recently. He met us at the 2020 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We explained how we're helping brick-and-mortar gun stores compete in the ever-expanding digital realm. has the most competitive performance-based fees, and we don’t collect a commission unless we sell your firearm.



John Wayne Commemorative Presentation Model Single Action Army revolver
The John Wayne Commemorative revolver Hritz sold last year on (Photo: Ben Philippi/

Hritz thought it sounded pretty good and gave it a go in 2021. He listed five beautiful guns on our site. Since they were so unique and valuable, sent a video producer to Tombstone to film five unique videos to help them sell. 

One of the guns Hritz listed was a very rare John Wayne Commemorative Presentation Model Single Action Army revolver. It was a gift from Colt to the Wayne family. Colt produced only seven of these beautiful presentation revolvers for the John Wayne family after he passed away in 1979.

This revolver, along with the four other guns, sold within a few weeks.



engraved winchester 1873 rifle
This is the beautifully engraved Winchester 1873 rifle Hritz is currently selling on (Photo: Ben Philippi/

Thrilled by his success, Hritz is now selling a beautiful Winchester 1873 rifle on Again, we were able to send a video producer to Tombstone to film a special video.

The rifle has the serial number 258259 and was produced in 1888. It was engraved by the famed John Ulrich, the master engraver of Winchester. It has deluxe wood in excellent condition. It is gold plated and sports an octagon barrel. It has a folding rear sight that is completely adjustable for elevation. It also has a folding front peep sight, which was an expensive addition to the gun at the time.



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Selling on is quick, easy, and effective.


If you're a brick-and-mortar gun store looking to boost your sales, give a try. Signing up is easy and listing is simple. It doesn't have to be antique guns either. You can list any type of gun. As mentioned, we do not charge a fee until the gun sells. So you can continue to sell it in your shop while it's also listed on It's a win-win situation.

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