Spring is in the air, and summer is closing in. That means you’ll start seeing estate sale signs popping up all over town. While an estate sale is a great and convenient way to get rid of your unused items, downsize your home, or sell the contents of a deceased family member’s home, it is definitely not the best way to sell your guns! 

Sellers Don’t Know How to Value Your Gun

Sure, it may be convenient to liquidate everything in one estate sale, but there are several pitfalls to trying to include guns in an estate sale. Many times, estate sales are run by companies. Convenient? Yes. Practical when it comes to selling guns? Absolutely not. 

Colt, SAA, single action army, collectible, .45 LC
A novice estate salesman may just look at this as an old revolver instead of a highly collectible Colt. (Photo: Don Summers/Guns.com)

Most times, the personnel running your estate sale may be great at appraising your grandmother’s antique dining room set and getting a fair price for it, but your grandfather’s guns? Sadly, many times they know nothing about firearms in general, let alone the fair market value of a gun collection. Worse yet, what if the person assigned to your sale happens to also be anti-gun? It’s quite possible they may be accepting offers just to get the firearms off the property quickly. 

Savvy Buyers Will Take You for a Ride

Savvy buyers browse ads for estate sales and will do their best to grab a bargain, especially when firearms are involved. While that’s great for the buyer, as the seller, you’re often getting a very low price on your guns. The last thing you want is a stranger handling your firearms during the estate sale. 

It’s enough worry to try to keep an eye on everything else, but your guns? You’ll have to be extra cautious for obvious reasons. If you’re in a hurry to liquidate things, you’re more often than not going to accept their low-ball offer just to be done with it and move something along. You’ll feel the regret later on, trust me.  

Another pitfall for selling your guns at an estate sale is you need to know the laws of the state you’re selling them in. Many states prohibit private sales and require you to transfer your guns through a registered Federal Firearms Licensee. 

So what’s the alternative to selling your guns at an estate sale? Let Guns.com buy them from you.

The Fast, Easy, Convenient Way to Sell Your Guns

Because Guns.com is an FFL, you’ll be in compliance no matter what state you’re selling them in. Selling online is easy and convenient. Guns.com pays very competitive prices for your used firearms. Whether it’s one gun that’s been sitting in the safe for years or a collection you’re looking to liquidate, you can ensure you’re getting a fair price and that you’re selling them legally. 

How does it work? It’s easy, just contact us through our “we buy guns” page. Let us know the information about what you’re looking to sell. Our firearm appraisal experts will appraise your firearms and make you an offer. You’ll have 10 days to consider our offer. Should you choose to accept it, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label (or a box if you’d prefer). 

Simply drop your package off at the designated shipping location. Once we receive your package, our appraisal team will inspect your firearms. As long as everything is in working order and in the condition stated during the appraisal, we’ll process your payment for the agreed-upon price, generally within 24 hours. 

A Little Background on Our Process

You may be thinking, “Is it legal to ship my guns?” You bet it is. Federal law allows individuals to ship a firearm directly to an FFL. Guns.com is an FFL and follows all ATF regulations, including transfers through the required A&D book. Basically, we do all the work, and you get a fair price on your guns. 

Our process is safe, secure, convenient, and easy. In a nutshell:

  1. Tell us about your firearms.
  2. Guns.com will make you an offer, and you’ll have 10 days to sleep on it.
  3. Accept our offer and ship your firearms to Guns.com using a prepaid shipping label.
  4. Get paid!

Still have questions about the process? Take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions. This link includes all the information you’ll need to know, including how to ship your firearms to us. Just make sure to follow all applicable laws about where to drop them off, how to pack them, etc. We’ve even put together a quick video to help


While estate sales are great for moving pretty much everything else, Guns.com makes it easy for you to get the fair price you deserve on your firearm or firearms collection. We pay you quickly, and you’ll make sure you’re selling your firearms legally. Let us take the worry out of selling your collection or even a single gun. It’s a win-win situation. 


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