One of the country's most iconic firearm brands has stepped up to the plate to help support new gun owners through the new Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS program. 

Announced this week by S&W, the initiative is designed to welcome new firearm owners into America's sweeping gun community through highlighting resources for those who may have just begun their collection with their first pistol, rifle, or revolver.

There are no strings attached and no costs to the user to take advantage of the program, whose crown jewel is a series of freely accessible digital videos on S&W's YouTube channel

These include videos on The Basic Rules of Gun Safety: 

Safe Firearms Storage.

Talking to your kids about gun safety.

Pistol anatomy. 

Types of firearms. 

And the shooting fundamentals on grip, sight picture, stance, and trigger control.




“As an industry leader, it's our responsibility to help educate and inform those who have recently purchased their first firearm and help them to become confident, responsible members of the firearms community," said Kyle Tengwall, VP Marketing, in a statement. "As such, we’ve developed Smith & Wesson GUNSMARTS – a resource that provides information on firearms training programs, industry information, and an educational video series hosted by experts in the firearms space. We hope that new and seasoned gun owners leverage this information to help them become confident and responsible members of the firearms community."

Additional videos, with the program's signal boosted by a series of promotional contests, are planned to continue to roll out over the coming weeks.