Now that we’ve rung in the new year, it’s time to hear the ring of steel targets with Gemtech’s new suppressors for 2023. Gemtech has earned a solid all-American reputation for its suppressors. Owned by Smith & Wesson since 2017, the two paired up to roll out a few new products. Let’s check them out.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Gemtech has five new pending patents in its 2023 product launch. From the muzzle-control system to the overall composition of the body and baffles, these new options are making a case to become the new go-to muzzle device. 

Anyone who has time on a suppressed semi-auto firearm, especially direct gas impingement, knows there are certain unpleasantries that come with shooting suppressed. While the benefits of a suppressor outweigh the cons, sometimes that can be hard to see. Literally, it can be hard to see as you wipe the tears from your eyes due to the back-pressure gas. 

S&W Range
Gemtech gave us some serious options for "quite-time" testing. (Photo: Alex Reville/
S&W Range
And Smith & Wesson gave us a great backdrop for a range day. (Photo: Alex Reville/

Part of Gemtech’s advancement in preventing these tears is an interesting design feature – the lack of jet cuts. This helps gas exit efficiently instead of ping-ponging back and forth inside. It should also help minimize the difference between your point of aim and point of impact. 

Thicker walls increase the durability, and the design helps vent gas at the muzzle. This keeps the chamber and face of the shooter clear without negatively affecting the pressure zone at the end cap. That essentially eliminates the flash of the first shot. Both advancements give the user a greater edge when shooting.

The New Cans


Gemtech Suppressor
Some of the magic is how these suppressors connect to the rifle and the internal design itself. (Photo: Alex Reville/

The first Gemtech we’ll look at is the Abyss 5.56. This suppressor was specifically designed for longevity and durability when using the 5.56 NATO, .223 Rem, and 5.7 NATO cartridges. Built around modern sporting platforms like the AR-15, this suppressor features a heavy-duty construction of 17-4 PH stainless steel and 6AL-4V titanium. 

The Abyss features a length of just over 6 inches and a weight of just 14.05 ounces. While the metal types might not mean anything to you, the heavy-duty construction has withstood a 10,000-round durability test that used full-auto fire. Rugged, reliable, and comfortable, the Abyss is the perfect companion for just about any design in the calibers mentioned. Plus, it’s rated all the way down to a 7-inch barrel with 5.56 NATO and a 3-inch barrel with 5.7 NATO.  

Abyss Suppressor
That connection point, right, is key for a longer life. (Photo: Gemtech)

The second suppressor in the lineup is the Neutron 7.62, which is rated for calibers that range from 5.7 NATO all the way up to .300 Win Mag. Using the same construction materials as the Abyss, the aim of the design remains focused on durability over heavy use. Weighing in just half an ounce more than the Abyss, this 6.6-inch can is an outstanding option for everything from intermediate sporting cartridges all the way up to heavy-hitting hunting rifle rounds designed to take down the largest game in North America. 

These extremely thick walls and quality design configuration give the Neutron the ability to mount on a variety of firearms.

Mounting the Cans


S&W Rifle
Smith & Wesson decked the guns out with some solid grips, charging handles, and stocks. But the connection point for the suppressor brought it all together, bottom right. (Photo: Alex Reville/

There have been several different mounting systems introduced to suppressor systems throughout the years. Gemtech has opted to go with its Elite Taper Mount to aid the shooter in maintaining a permanent muzzle device that accommodates the mounting of the suppressor, but it also aids the rifle when shooting unsuppressed. 

To protect the threads under the muzzle device, the ETM system offers a pronged flash hider or a chambered muzzle brake as the quick-detach point of contact. I’m normally used to a flash hider over the muzzle brake. However, during extensive testing of these suppressors, Gemtech revealed that the muzzle brake prolongs the life of the rifle and muzzle device by over 6,000 rounds when compared to the pronged flash hider. 

On the Range

We were flown to Melbourne, Florida, to shoot these new cans, which were mounted on the company’s popular M&P15 series of rifles. Under the training direction of Travis Kennedy and Jerry Miculek, I had the opportunity to put both products through the paces with both indoor and outdoor range days. 

Gemtech Suppressor
Thanks to the Gemtech/S&W team, we got to take these guys out for indoor and outdoor testing. (Photo: Alex Reville/

At the indoor range, I was still noticing quite a bit of gas, but I’m going to chalk that up to the fact that seven other shooters were shooting at the same time. However, at the outdoor range, the Abyss and Neutron started to set themselves apart from the competition. 

The rugged durability of the design is very apparent as you install the can on the ETM muzzle device. These cans are thick and slightly heavy, which led them to perform beautifully as they were pushed through the training. As the round count ran up, the validity of the patents started to prove their worth. 

Gemtech Suppressor
There was also plenty of ammo, guns, and expert instruction on hand. (Photo: Alex Reville/

I shot the Abyss first and was able to run through drills and transitions without issue. There was no real muzzle rise, no initial shot flash, and no hot gas being vented in my eyes. The design proved to be easy to work with and a joy to shoot. While the Neutron performed just as well, I didn’t have a chance to shoot any .30-caliber ammunition through the rifle because it was also mounted to a M&P15. I would’ve loved to hear the decibel difference with the diameter of the muzzle lining up a little closer to the caliber size. 

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The only negative mark I can give to these cans was the weight. These two muzzle attachments are not the heaviest suppressors on the market, but they are not the lightest by any stretch. This is the trade off when you have a construction that is built to withstand heavy use, including full-auto fire.

But Wait, There’s More!

While integrally suppressed uppers have been out for a long time, there’s a lack of AR uppers set up to operate suppressed as well as they do unsuppressed. Gemtech teamed with its parent company S&W to bring you new products that are ready to bridge that cap. 

The Gemtech GVAC is a complete AR-15 upper receiver that features a mid-length gas system, a free-floating M-LOK handguard made by Midwest Industries, a 16-inch barrel with a 1:8 twist, and a proprietary gas system that is centered around a new barrel profile. This all comes with a weight of just 4.2 pounds. 

GVAC Upper Gemtech
Gemtech has a complete, suppressor-ready AR upper for running your gun in quiet mode with the Gemtech GVAC. (Photo: Gemtech)

Gemtech took the upper design back to the drawing board to figure out how to develop an upper that is not dependent solely upon the design of the suppressor but will still redirect gas away from the shooter’s face. By making this move, Gemtech created a product that pairs perfectly with its designs but does not limit the customer who wants a different brand or style of suppressor. 

The GVAC system boasts a reprofiled barrel, a proprietary gas block, and an enhanced-reliability bolt carrier group. The real magic is in the innovative gas block that features a bleed-off port, which vents excess gas coming back through the suppressor to travel down the gas tube and into the chamber. It does this without affecting the reliability of the rifle. With more and more suppressors hitting the market, this upper design has the potential to improve the performance of any suppressor or suppressor-ready AR build. 


As the popularity of suppressed shooting skyrockets, the Abyss 5.56 and Neutron 7.62 both have the potential to be real contenders as heavy-use, workhorse tools. These two suppressors set a solid tone for Gemtech in an increasingly “quiet” AR-shooting market.

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