Wolfpack Armory has been busy in the shop coming up with new ideas and trying different things lately. Straying away from their history of producing ARs, we got a hold of their lightweight ANTI bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in .308. Joe, the owner, brought out the rifle just to show what the company had coming down the pike. They had already tested it for functionality but were still in the process of research and development.

He actually had no true intention of it being a demo gun to shoot that day. Heck, the magazine spring wasn’t even installed yet, but with my supplied ammo and – overlooking the need to single feed – the team happily let me test this new rifle out. 

What Exactly is the ANTI?


Wolfpack Armory ANTI Bolt-Action Rifle 

Every measure was taken to make the rifle light, a mere 5 pounds, including a carbon-fiber barrel. (Photo: Taylor Abney/Guns.com)

Weighing in at just over 5 pounds, Wolfpack Armory has put a lot of thought into the ANTI to optimize weight and accuracy. The 28-inch carbon-fiber barrel and stock combine to really drop the weight. Most of the parts are sourced and manufactured by them, with a focus on using the best-quality materials while lightening the gun at the same time. 


Some more changes might come since they are still in the process of R&D. The ANTI includes the Defiance anTi action, one of the most reputable lightweight actions, and a SureFire brake. Wolfpack hopes to release this rifle soon, but they held any proposed dates close to their chest.

Shooting the ANTI


Wolfpack Armory ANTI Bolt-Action Rifle
Despite being a lightweight rifle shooting .308, the recoil is quite manageable. (Photo: Taylor Abney/Guns.com)

Seizing the opportunity to shoot it before anyone else, we took the ANTI to the firing line. Shooting this rifle, one would expect a push of recoil from the lightness of it. But the ANTI will surprise you. It shoots very softly given the round and proved accurate, easily ringing steel downrange. This would be an ideal rifle for the hunter who wants something that isn’t going to fatigue them too much on a long trek, like a three-day elk hunt. 

Hopefully, we hear more from Wolfpack about the ANTI soon! For now, we will have to settle for the sneak peek. It is always exciting to see what manufactures are testing and planning.

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