Another year down and count it as another year of twists and turns for the gun industry. One of the things that will always remain consistent though is bringing you the latest and greatest news about the Second Amendment every single day. We put together a list of the biggest stories of the year as published on Without further ado, here are the top 10 news stories of 2021.

10. It’s official CZ Acquires Colt

In February, it was announced that Czech-based CZ would be taking over operations for the once-revered American powerhouse, Colt. CZ agreed to fork over a cool $220 million for the firearms manufacturer, which has remained popular despite some setbacks in recent years.

2021 saw a lot of movement in the AR-10 market, with guns and ammo still flying off the shelves. We brought together the seven best AR-10s for you to enjoy in this article.

Remington Wingmaster Shotgun
The newly formed RemArms didn't wait long to start getting 870 shotguns rolling off the line again. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

Once the dust settled on Remington’s bankruptcy sale, they came out the other side as RemArms. They didn’t wait long to get the doors back open in their Ithaca, New York, plant to get those shotguns humming out the door again. 

Springfield Armory SA-35
Few guns could draw as much excitement as a new version of the Browning Hi-Power. (Photo: Springfield)

In October, Springfield dropped a bomb and announced that they were releasing their own version of the Browning Hi-Power. We then took a closer look at it, and, needless to say, it did not disappoint. The gun has been hard to find ever since it hit store shelves. 

This year also saw S&W branch into the tactical shotgun market with their M&P 12 tactical shotgun. The gun was initially launched with a lot of hype and fanfare. Unfortunately, just a short time later S&W issued a recall. We’ve yet to see what will happen after the recall.

FN 502 Pistol
FN gave us a new handgun in 2021 that is fitting to celebrate as a .22 LR just before 2022. (Photo: FN)

In September, FN announced its first-ever tactical plinker, and it has been a big hit ever since. The 502 features a threaded barrel, raised sights, and comes optics ready. Sharing a similar profile to the FN 509, the 502 has enjoyed a lot of success since its release. We took a closer look at it and found it to be a great companion for range days. 

Beretta made it easier for American fans of wheelguns to get one of their sought-after revolvers. (Photo: Beretta)

Beretta made waves earlier this year when they announced that they would begin importing Manurhin MR73 revolvers into the states. The MR73 has long been a sought-after, though hard-to-acquire, revolver for enthusiasts of fine wheelguns. Seeing Beretta taking steps to bring it stateside is bound to make many fans happy for the year ahead.

KelTec P50
KelTec gave us one of those futuristic guns you know will find its way into some films. (Photo: KelTec)

When we broke the news that Florida-based KelTec had begun shipping its futuristic P50 out the door, we knew it would be big news. Looking like a gun that was lifted straight out of the movie "Blade Runner," the P50 hit the ground running and has been steadily selling ever since. 

Ruger Marlin Factory Photo
Ruger gave us some new Marlins to celebrate in 2021. (Photo: Ruger)

Ruger cleared out the old Marlin equipment last year after purchasing the brand from the fallout of the Remington bankruptcy. This year, they showed off the first Ruger-made Marlin rifle. It’s been a huge hit and the source of a steady stream of visitors since we first broke the story back in October. 

Gun Control Bills 2021
Anti-gun bills kicked off the year but met some strong resistance. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Way back in January, which seems like a lifetime ago at this point, we collected all the anti-gun bills for your consideration. Well, you considered them and shared. This quickly became our No. 1 article of the year and never looked back. Luckily, none of these bills has made it out of committee yet, much less been put to a vote.

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