Matching the perfect camouflage pattern to the terrain seems to be a constant challenge for hunters. Since we discovered True Timber, we’ve used only a few patterns to hunt everywhere from the Midwest to Texas, and Africa to the Atlantic coast. Whether you’re chasing Whitetails, Waterfowl, or Wildebeest, True Timber literally has you covered. 

Here are our four favorite True Timber camouflage patterns, the terrains in which we wear them, and our fave garments—and firearms-- from each. 


Kristin Alberts and Stan Pate doubled down on trophy Eastern Toms while wearing True Timber Kanati topped with True Timber’s blaze vest. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Of all the True Timber patterns, Kanati is the most photo-realistic. Its design utilizes high fidelity digital photography to mimic the colors, leaves, and silhouettes of Fall and barren woodlands. 

Zero Gravity Jacket & Pants: Though there are multiple options for mid-later season hunting combos with low bulk, we like the Zero Gravity line. The pockets and features are well thought out for hunters, and the wind-proof membrane helps retain body heat. 

Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves: Not many hunters want to admit to checking their phone in the woods, but when you need to have a quick peek, why take off your gloves and move around? These Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves are form-fitting, thin, ideal for warm weather hunts, and allow use of touchscreens. 

SilverTec Base Layer Pants: Hunters face the harshest conditions, and good gear keeps us all in the field when the weather turns. True Timber’s SilverTec Base Layer pants are available in either heavy or light weight, and both are thin enough to fit under regular hunting gear. 

Henry AR-7 Kanati: Henry’s survival rimfire rifle, which packs into its own stock and floats, is now camo-ed in Kanati. This classic .22LR never looked better. 

Henry jumped on board with the Kanati camo pattern on their AR-7 survival rifle. (Photo: Henry)



Kristin Alberts wears True Timber Strata to blend in a Midwest ladders stand on a late Fall Whitetail hunt. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

It’s no secret that random/abstract camouflage patterns are proving as—or more—effective than photo types. To that end, True Timber’s Strata has proven to be the best all-around pattern we’ve used. Strata incorporates macro and micro designs with a blend of tans, browns, and drab greens, it excels from open country to hardwoods. 

TrueSuede Down Pants & Parka: When the weather turns cold, we zip up in True Timber TrueSuede. Of all the gear we’ve worn, it’s the softest and most silent. 

Feather Mesa Lightweight Pants: Available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing, these Lightweight pants are incredibly thin, yet soft and quiet. They’re available in True Timber’s most popular patterns and make hot weather hunting as comfortable as possible, yet allow room for light layering. 

Pulse Performance ¼ Zip: We have worn the Pulse ¼ Zip shirts as everything from a base layer on a hunt to a fashion garment on the street. It is soft and warm without pilling and stands up to repeat washing with neither fading nor wear. 

Savage 110 High Country: The High Country has bagged us some of life’s most memorable game, from the Midwest to African Safari. The rifles look great and perform even better. 

The Savage 110 Highcountry in Strata has been an attractive and affordable choice for hunters. (Photo: Savage)


True Timber’s DRT pattern of corn stubble, marsh grass, and shadows is the perfect coverage for their insulated Waterfowl waders from Cabelas/Bass Pro. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Waterfowlers all seem to gravitate to the same camo patterns best described as a blend of marsh grass, corn field, and wetlands. True Timber DRT blankets that terrain. We’ve used it in the harshest wintry conditions after ducks and Geese. In case the hunt shifts to pure wintry snow, True Timber also offers whited-out Snow variants for their most popular camo lines. 

Cabelas/Bass Pro SuperMag Chest Waders: DRT adorns most brands of popular waders, and one of our favorite choices is the big store SuperMag model because they offer sizing and models in Regular, Stout, and King for men as well as a Women’s line. The boots are clunkier than some, but also warmer. 

RushLake 3-in-1 Parka: This is one of the best buys in foul-weather camo at just over $119.95. The RushLake is waterproof with taped seams and features a zip-out inner jacket that is also insulated, as well as a removeable hood. 

Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus: One of the most hardcore waterfowler guns of the last few years is the semi-auto Beretta A400 XPlus, and it now comes dressed in full DRT camo coverage. It almost ensures the ducks and geese won't be able to spot you. 


We actually really liked the Viper Western pattern of old, but that seems to have gone the way of the Dodo, to be replaced by the new Prairie pattern with similar hues. While Prairie is just now making its way onto garments like waders and waterfowl jackets, our first look at the garments displayed at SHOT Show 2020 give the appearance of a camo that should excel in arid conditions and upland terrain as well. We fully expect that the combination of Prairie and Strata will cover 99% of our hunting conditions going forward. 

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