Ranko Ristic, CEO of Zastava Arms, gave us a full tour of the booth at SHOT Show 2023.

Zastava is one of the oldest gun factories in the world, founded in 1853 in Kragujevac, Serbia.

"The products are very well known to be reliable," said Ristic. "A lot of these rifles have seen action in conflicts. And there is no better way to test a rifle than in a conflict."

Guns.com published a booth tour last year that showcased Zastava's lineup. For 2023, Ristic was proud to announce some exciting new products and accessories.

New Products

zastava ak47 akm kalashnikov shot show
The new 'battle-worn' ZPAPM70 (bottom) on display at SHOT Show 2023. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com) 


According to Ristic, Zastava rifles were proven to be rugged and reliable in battle during the Yugoslav wars from 1991 to 2001. In 2023, it will be possible to order a ZPAP M70 in a "battle-worn" cerakote finish. ZPAP M70s are chambered in the classic 7.62x39mm.


zastava ak47 akm kalashnikov shot show
More 24-carat gold-plated ZPAPM92 will be offered in 2023. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com)


If you're into a little "bling," Zastava will continue to offer their 24-carat gold-plated ZPAPM92. Demand was so high last year that they sold out right away. In 2023, they will continue to offer them in an attempt to keep up with demand.


zastava ak47 akm kalashnikov shot show
Under-folding ZPAP70 UFs with bayonets will be available by summer 2023. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com) 


"One of the most frequent demands from our customers was to bring our under-folders," said Ristic. In 2022, an adapter was offered by Zastava that enabled under-folder stocks to be attached to fixed-stock receivers. "But, our customers were not completely happy. They demanded what they call the real under-folder," he said. As a result, an under-folding model called the ZPAP70 UF will be available by the  summer of 2023. It will also come with a bayonet.


drnch zastava ak47 akm kalashnikov shot show
Cans of Drnch gun oil will be available in 2023. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com) 


Cans of Drnch gun oil will be available in 2023. "For all the people who served in former Yugoslav army, they will know very well what I'm talking about here," said Ristic. Drnch is used on all Zastava guns coming out of the factory in Serbia and now you can keep your guns lubed the Serbian way.


zastava ak47 akm kalashnikov shot show
A 24-carat gold-plated slide on a CZ99 is new for this year. (Photo: Ben Philippi/Guns.com) 


And last but not least, Zastava is offering a 24-carat gold-plated slide for their CZ99 handgun. The Zastava CZ99 is a semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm. It was developed in 1989 for the Yugoslav military and police and was heavily influenced by the SIG P226.

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