About The Guns.com Outlet


The Guns.com Dealer Outlet is made up of firearm listings from FFL dealers across the country and features some of best bargains on our website. All types of guns can be found on the Dealer Outlet, from shotguns and rifles to pistols and revolvers, weapons for home defense and hunting, as well as target shooting sports, and even some collectibles.

The Dealer Outlet only consists of used models. The main difference between the guns for sale on our main pages and those in the Dealer Outlet is that Outlet listings may lack all of the details and specs typically found on the main pages. For customers who don't mind a little extra browsing, it's a place to find guns at amazing prices. For dealers, the Dealer Outlet offers an easy way to list all types of firearms for sale.  

What can be found on the Dealer Outlet? In a word, anything. The Dealer Outlet listings include semi-automatic, pump-action, single-shot, and double-barrel shotguns; bolt-action, lever-action, semi-auto, and single-shot rifles; and semi-automatic handguns, derringers, and revolvers. The Dealer Outlet features guns from many manufacturers, offered in numerous calibers with a variety of features.

Dealers will find the user-friendly interface of the Dealer Outlet quick and easy for listing all types of firearms for sale. Don't have all the information about the gun? No problem. List by UPC or SKU, or make and model, if available. However, if those details aren't known, manually enter whatever information is known. Essentially, the Dealer Outlet is the place to list what you know about the product, however little — or much — that may be.

Once listings are live on the Dealer Outlet, they will be available for viewing by any of the more than 1 million visitors Guns.com receives each month. We are one of the largest gun websites on the internet, with daily industry-related news publications, as well as a large and ever-growing inventory of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for sale.

All of the Dealer Outlet listings are serviced entirely by Guns.com. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide customer service for all of the Dealer Outlet listings and offer assistance to customers in any way possible. Products listed in the Dealer Outlet are also backed by the generous return policy offered by Guns.com.

Are you an FFL dealer interested in listing guns for sale on the Dealer Outlet, or do you have additional questions? Our staff is eager to help you get started, and always just a click or phone call away. 

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