Based in Florida since 1982, Taurus Holdings, Inc. consists of three subsidiaries and is one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of small arms. Taurus combines the talents of a highly-skilled workforce and groundbreaking technology to deliver some of the most robust and reliable handguns available in the U.S. market. From classic single-action revolvers to innovative semi-auto pistols, Taurus handguns are well-suited for concealed carry, hunting, and home defense. Additionally, the company also offers an industry-first repair policy, which has yet to be exceeded by any other manufacturer.


taurus spectrum semi auto handgun compact black

Affordable and ergonomically pleasing, Taurus offers a variety of semi automatic handguns and revolvers that are great for personal protection. Guns.com offers a wide selection of both new and used options in a variety of calibers and finishes! 




DeSantis Unveils Holsters for Taurus G3c

Holster maker DeSantis accommodates new Taurus G3c owners, introducing 15 holsters ready to accept the new concealed carry pistol.

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Taurus Raging Hunter: A Lightweight Large-Frame .44 Magnum

Now, there’s a Raging model specifically for one of the largest and most passionate demographics — hunters. Meet the Taurus Raging Hunter.

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The 637 is One of S&W’s Most Popular Carry Revolvers

Smith & Wesson’s small J-frame revolvers are among its most popular. They've been going strong for 70 years and today's Model 637 is a great carry gun.

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What is a Revolver and Why Do Gun Owners Love Them?

More than 180 years later, with a slew of firearms at consumers’ fingertips, how has the revolver kept its place in American defense?

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