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Texas News

Dealer Spotlight: Carroll’s Gun Shop in Wharton, TX

John Herlitz is the owner of Carroll’s Gun Shop where, since October of 2019, he has been serving the fine people of Wharton, Texas guns and ammunition.

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The Texas Link to the Most Popular Colts of the 1850s & 60s

Samuel Colt’s revolving firearms were already legend in Texas before they became well-known around the globe, and they carried Texas history with them.

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Guns.com’s Short Guide on What to Hunt in Texas

Texas is home to a bounty of native, free-range game animals. Here is a selection of game you’ll find in the Lone Star state, along with some details to help with your Texas hunting success.

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Lone Star Guns: Texas Produces Some Great Firearms

The Lone Star State is next-level in many regards when it comes to premium firearm makers that have set up shop in Texas.

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