Certified Used Guns

Why buy Certified? A Certified Used gun is more than just a “used” firearm. It also means you’re getting peace of mind. Each Certified Used gun goes through a rigorous 10-point inspection by our on-site experts to check quality, ensure there are no mechanical defects, and that it’ll be ready to use as soon as you pick it up.



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INSPECTED AND RATED FOR QUALITY Certified Used Guns are held to the highest quality standard. Our Certified Used Collection is carefully curated and inspected by our in-house experts to include guns rated only very good to excellent condition. Every gun is individually inspected and will only be sold if it passes thorough, 10-point inspection process. Learn more about our Certified Used Inspection Checklist here.

NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN POLICY offers a ‘no questions asked’ return policy for Certified Used Guns. For a period of 3 calendar days after physical transfer, will accept a return of the firearm regardless of reason for a full refund, minus fees as outlined in our Return Policy.

And even better, we guarantee our Certified Used Guns are in great condition and will provide a full refund for any mechanical defects within 7 calendar days of physical transfer of the firearm. will also cover all shipping fees in the case of a mechanical defect.

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LOOK FOR THE CERTIFIED STAMP certified used stamp

When you see this stamp on any of the firearms for sale on, you be confident in your purchase. A Certified Used Gun is the most cost-effective way to get a great gun at a great price. Guns can last for decades with little or no impact to functionality. Additionally, our Certified Used Guns often come with upgrades or extra mags too so be sure to check the description.


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