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Hornady Articles

  • AR Ammo Showdown: 55-grain Hornady Frontier vs. Sig Sauer Elite

    Today the Sig Sauer 55-grain Elite Ball FMJ goes up against the Hornady Frontier 55-grain FMJ M193 to see who comes out on top.

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  • 300 PRC: From Hornady’s labs to the consumer market

    The 300 PRC quietly slipped onto the scene alongside its 6,5 PRC sibling in 2018, a product of ammo maker Hornady’s engineering team.

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  • Hornady’s ammo lineup gains new addition with Outfitter ammo

    Hornady introduces new ammo into its 2019 lineup, adding Outfitter ammunition in a variety of calibers.

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  • Hornady adds .224 Valkyrie load to Match ammunition series

    Hornady expands its series of ELD Match ammunition with the addition of a .224 Valkyrie load.

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