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influencer, real Dirty Harry


Handsome. Mysterious. Slays. 

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Eli Duckworth

1776 DUCK

Some say that he was actually John Moses Browning’s last design and that he was birthed at the 4:56 mark of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird. All we know is he’s called the Duck (aka Eli Duckworth).

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Kendall jones, tactical, guns t-shirt, rifle, pistol


As a leading voice in the outdoor community Kendall prioritizes the next generation through her "pass it on" initiative. She focuses these efforts on women and children by creating opportunities to experience the outdoors.

Kendall believes the 2nd amendment is the most important defense against infringement upon the many liberties we enjoy as Americans. She has made it her mission to help others navigate through their own personal trials.

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the man spot, influencer, hunting, bolt action


The Man Spot, also known as Vaughn NeVille is a Family Man, Patriot, Firearms advocate and content creator of satire gun humor. 

Vaughn NeVille frequently speaks and attends freedom and gun rights rallies, and is an advocate for the Constitution of the United States. He uses his social media platforms to inspire patriotism and traditional American values.

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