Why Choose Guns.com?


Customer Service agents available

Guns.com's customer service stands out from other firearm websites by delivering a reliable and supportive service experience to firearm enthusiasts and buyers across the United States.

Whether it's through phone, email, or online contact form, our Rangemasters are well-versed in firearms-related topics and can provide guidance on product selection, purchasing, and compliance.

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Accepts returns

While some other websites may also offer favorable return policies, Guns.com's combination of an extended return window, straightforward policy, and attentive customer service contribute to making their return policy a notable advantage for customers.

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Flat-rate shipping

With flat-rate shipping, you know upfront the exact cost of shipping your order, regardless of the weight, size, or destination.

Flat-rate shipping can be particularly helpful when purchasing firearms or other bulky items. Firearms, ammunition, and accessories are often heavier and may require special handling or additional packaging. This can result in cost savings, especially when compared to variable-rate shipping where charges can increase significantly for larger or heavier items.

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Financing options

Our financing options set us apart by providing affordability, flexibility, and accessibility to customers. By offering financing, we have the chance to remove financial barriers, making it easier for customers to acquire the firearms and accessories they want while accommodating different budgetary needs.

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Supports local gun stores

Guns.com supports local gun stores by providing them with a platform to showcase their inventory, increasing their visibility, expanding their customer base, and providing an additional avenue for sales.

Our Dealer Outlet allows stores to tap into the online market and reach customers who may prefer the convenience of online shopping. This expanded reach results in increased sales and revenue for these stores.

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Certified Used guns

Guns.com is the only website that authenticates our used gun inventory. A Certified Used Gun has undergone a thorough inspection and evaluation process to ensure its condition, functionality, and safety.

This certification provides reassurance to the buyer that the used firearm has met certain quality standards and is in proper working order. It eliminates the uncertainty and potential risks associated with purchasing a used firearm from an unknown source, as the certification process verifies the gun's reliability and identifies any necessary repairs or maintenance.

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Rare & Collectible Firearms

We understand the appeal and interest in unique firearms and cater to collectors and enthusiasts who seek these special pieces. The inventory on Guns.com includes a variety of rare and collectible firearms from different eras, manufacturers, and historical significance.

Collectible guns can range from antique and historical firearms to limited edition models or unique variants that hold value and significance in the firearms community. Guns.com provides a platform for buyers to browse and purchase these rare and collectible firearms, offering detailed descriptions, images, and relevant information to help buyers make informed decisions.

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Participates in regular promotions

Guns.com often offer special deals, discounts, and promotions on firearms, ammunition, accessories, and other related products. These sales events can include limited-time discounts, bundle deals, clearance sales, or seasonal promotions.

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Avoid bidding wars online

When bidding at an auction there is no guarantee of winning the item, and it often involves engaging in a bidding war with other potential buyers.

Buying a gun online provides more control over the transaction. The buyer can select the specific firearm they want from the available inventory, without the uncertainty and potential disappointment of a gun auction – all at a set price.

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We Buy Guns

Selling a gun to a reputable website online with a broader market reach provides convenience and secure transaction options. It simplifies the selling process and provides additional safeguards to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

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