Firearms come in all shapes, sizes, and calibers. That said, very few are ever deemed tough enough for law enforcement service. This is what makes law enforcement trade-ins so popular. When lives are on the line, you want the firearm best fit for the job. Who better to determine if a gun fits that criteria than the men and women serving and protecting our communities every day?

Law enforcement trade-ins are usually shot a lot less than other used firearms. They have wear from daily duty use, but most LEO only shoot their firearms when qualifying at the range. So, despite mild cosmetic damage from holsters and handling, the barrels and internal components are usually in great condition. This means you can pick up a high-quality firearm with a lot of life still in it at a great price.


You won’t find many Peace Officers carrying Smith & Wesson wheel guns anymore, but you will find a wide variety of their other firearms on the force like the M&P45 M2.0 in .45 ACP. was able to secure a limited amount of never issued M&P-45’s that came from the Massachusetts State Patrol. They even have the Mass. State Police logo engraved on top of the slide and say “Mass State Police” on the side of the slide.

This specific department opted for no magazine safety, no thumb safety, and the addition of night sights. Three 10-round magazines and three backstraps are included.

Any firearm that can stand up to daily wear and tear on the force is a trustworthy addition to your collection, whether you plan to use it for personal protection or as a range gun.





The Glock 17 series has been the standard sidearm for numerous militaries and hundreds of law enforcement agencies worldwide for decades.

This ex Law Enforcement Glock 17 Gen 4 features aggressive texturing on the sides of the grip as well as finger grooves. Night sights were added, and 1-17 round magazine is included. Get a great deal on a great gun while it lasts!