Guns.com has introduced a convenient, user-friendly, low cost way for Firearms Dealers and Pawnbrokers to sell guns online. Offering a better solution, a better partnership, and the best way to buy or SELL firearms online - period.

Guns.com has the only national firearms marketplace, making it easier to get your inventory in front of a wider net of potential buyers. We are not only focused on increasing bottom lines + online sales, but on building a community with store front dealers (like you!) and helping them compete in the ever expanding digital realm. To top it off, Guns.com has the most competitive performance-based fees that are truly a win-win! We don’t collect a commission unless we sell your firearm - ever! PLUS, getting started is easy and there is no fee to join. Click here to get started! 

Fun fact: Guns.com supports brick and mortar firearms dealers and pawnbrokers by providing the only “selective or closed ” firearms marketplace in the industry.



Give your firearms a national audience and let us handle the sourcing logistics. So kick back, relax, take a load off - you deserve a break!

We take pride in being there for our Dealers - every step of the way. Like a team, we are here for YOU; to answer any questions, help with any issues and of course, to help you sell MORE via our online, nationwide marketplace.


We live in a digital world, and while brick and mortar stores are important, ecommerce can open up your inventory to a whole new set of eyes, and wallets. Our national audience makes it easier for you to move and sell through more inventory - thereby INCREASING your bottom line. From collectable firearms, to hunting guns, to products not ideal for your market, to keep it simple Guns.com is the solution!

And joining the Guns.com network is easy! Just start by filling out your dealer profile

Keep It Simple

Guns.com has built the most user-friendly firearms upload and inventory management system, while leveraging technology to drive efficiencies. Whether it’s our fast and easy inventory listing process or working with your POS provider on API integrations, it’s the goal of Guns.com to keep it simple and provide the most cost effective way to sell firearms online.

And if you don't know what ANY of that tech stuff means, no biggy - that's why we're always here.



Guns.com has created the most efficient and cost-effective way for dealers to sell more firearms online. We handle the ENTIRE consumer transaction including: payment processing, securing a copy of the transferring FFL, and creating the shipping labels from the listing Dealer to the transferring Dealer. Eliminating over 50% of the WORK Dealers invest when selling firearms in an online marketplace.

Point blank - Guns.com has created the most efficient and cost-effective way for Dealers to sell more firearms online and increase their bottom line.




Guns.com is very excited to announce that in partnership with FastBound, we have launched a free integration that allows FastBound dealers to accelerate their listing and selling processes through Guns.com. Dealers that connect with Guns.com through FastBound will be able to list firearms, maintain accurate inventory and process sales in just a few clicks. Better yet, this will allow dealers to list as much of their inventory as they wish in a matter of seconds. 

Starting NOW, Guns.com partners can try FastBound 14 days for free - simply click here to get started! 

Already using FastBound? Automatically list inventory on Guns.com by navigating to the Partners page under Settings in your FastBound account and click Configure under Guns.com. It's quick and easy! 


If you want to learn more about Guns.com and talk to a Business Development Representative, fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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What REAL Dealers Are Saying:

Guns.com is a perfect answer for increasing revenue in our ever changing sales environment.  As our society embraces online transactions more and more, Guns.com provides a platform to sell firearms with little to no headaches.  They coordinate the transactions from start to finish seamlessly and they do all of this with much lower fees than their competitors. 

Aligning ourselves with Guns.com has allowed us to stay ahead of our competition and have a competitive advantage.

Fred - Loan Star Pawn - Lake Wales, FL


Since beginning our journey with Guns.com we have grown our internet sales department exponentially. Not only is the process for uploading guns and managing inventory seamless, but it is also kind of fun! Guns.com's attention to detail, user friendly platform, and the Director's openness to listen to Dealer's suggestions and feedback, really sets them apart. Did I also mention that when you sell a gun you don't have to collect any paperwork from other FFL's?? Guns.com does that (all the paperwork) part for you! With all the time you save you can really focus on inventory management and other necessary aspects of sales. 

Guns.com has been outstanding for my department and I can't wait to see where this can take us as a company! 

Kelsi - Frogbones Family Shooter Center - Melbourne, FL


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