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  • Colt Single Action Army ‘Sheriff’s Model’ in .44 Special

    Boge Quinn, of the popular Gunblast channel, showed off his “First Generation” Colt Single Action Army “Sheriff’s Model” .44 Special, produced in 1906.

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  • Colt: 4 New Cobra Revolver Models Approved for California Sales

    Connecticut-based Colt on Friday announced that four of their Cobra-series revolvers have been greenlighted for sale on the California consumer market.

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  • Colt at 205: The Best Pistols and Revolvers of Colt Firearms Over the Years

    In honor of Samuel Colt’s 205th birthday this week, we look at some of the most enduring and iconic handgun designs to come from Colt’s Firearms over the years.

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  • Colt Builds Wheel Gun Line with New King Cobra Carry (VIDEO)

    Colt is continuing to flesh out their return to the revolver world with a new .357 Magnum snub nose, the King Cobra Carry.

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