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Browse hundreds of revolvers for sale online at Our new and used inventory offers a wide selection of styles and calibers, in almost every price range. Shop for revolvers from top manufacturers, including Charter Arms, Chiappa, Cimarron, Colt, North American Arms, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Taylor's & Co., Uberti, and many more.

From cowboy guns to snubbies and everything in between, our stock offers revolvers for nearly every need, including everyday carry, home defense, and big game hunting. Our website is user-friendly, our prices competitive, and our experienced staff eager to help, if needed.

Helpful Articles

  • Can You Put a Silencer on a Revolver?

    The question of whether you can put a suppressor or “silencer” on a revolver is a loaded one that has a simple answer as well as a few exceptions to the rule.

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  • Colt Single Action Army ‘Sheriff’s Model’ in .44 Special

    Boge Quinn, of the popular Gunblast channel, showed off his “First Generation” Colt Single Action Army “Sheriff’s Model” .44 Special, produced in 1906.

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  • The Difference Between Revolvers and Pistols

    Handguns don’t come in nearly as many styles as their longer brothers, the rifle, the category does see two major styles in the form of revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.

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  • The Art of Revolver Cleaning and Maintenance

    For those with questions on how to clean a revolver, we got answers to keep that wheel gun ticking like a clock.

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