Shop to find dozens of military classics and historical firearms for sale online. This unique collection is comprised of antique guns that were designed or adopted for military use, in addition to new firearms made with “throwback” designs paying homage to pieces of the past. This selection of guns includes pistols and revolvers, as well as rifles, from names like Auto-Ordnance, Browning, Carl Gustav, Century Arms, Colt, Chinese State Factories, FN, Mauser, Russian State Factories, Springfield Armory, and more.

From collector’s pieces to everyday carry pistols with antique flare, the military classics and historical firearms collection from offers something for sale for every gun enthusiast. Our product descriptions are clear and precise, and our prices competitive. Have questions or concerns about a listing? Our friendly staff is eager to offer assistance and always just a call or click away. 

Collectibles & Novelties Articles

  • Japanese Nambu Type 14 Pistol: Still Seen in the Most Curious Places

    Arguably the most successful of Japanese firearm wonk Kijirō Nambu’s pistols, the Type 14 saw lots of use in World War II and is seriously collectible today

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  • John Browning’s Final Performance: The Browning Hi Power

    The Browning Hi-Power was a game-changer when introduced in the 1930s that is still a revered gun culture icon today– and for good reason.

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  • 5 Luxury Shotguns That Are Sure to Impress

    While there are countless luxury shotguns for jaw-dropping prices, has managed to scoop some deals on some fine models.

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  • 1960s Cool: The Rarely Seen Gyrojet Semi-Auto Rocket Pistol

    Used both in secret agent movies and by real-life black ops teams, the Gyrojet Rocket Pistol was ultra-cool but ultimately unsuccessful.

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