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  • Taurus Debuts New Full-Size G3 Polymer 9mm Pistol

    Taurus is building on their successful G2c series platform by adding a new full-sized polymer-frame striker-fired pistol: the G3.

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  • Taurus TX22 Brings Plinking Fun to the Whole Family

    The Taurus TX22 brings a .22LR design to the table and after a glance at a trade show event, I knew I wanted to find out whether it truly could be a family-friendly pistol.

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  • Taurus USA brings G2S in 9mm, .40 S&W to market

    Taurus USA expands its semi-automatic handgun series with the introduction of the new Taurus G2S sub-compact pistol.

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  • Taurus augments 856 Ultralight revolver lineup with custom colors

    Taurus breathes new life into its revolver line, adding custom colors to its compact 856 Ultralight revolver series.

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