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A global leader in developing and manufacturing the highest-quality firearms for military, law enforcement, and civilian use alike, FN America has rightfully earned the reputation as the gunmaker with the world’s most battle-proven firearms. 

Currently headquartered in Virginia with a manufacturing facility in South Carolina, FN is committed to providing customers with an assortment of products, training, and support services aimed at enhancing and protecting lives.

FN Handguns

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Shop Guns.com and compare a variety of FN handguns. Whether you’re searching for a pistol for concealed carry, home defense, tactical applications, or competition, we have you covered with numerous new and used options available.


FN Rifles

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Find your next FN America rifle here! These rifles are known for their durability, reliability, and overall superior craftsmanship. Our new and used inventory includes long-time favorites such as the PS90 and the FN SCAR, as well as the innovative FN SCAR 20s and FN M249S.


FN Shotguns

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Search our selection of FN shotguns, including the popular FN SLP and FN P-12. For home defense, competition, and tactical applications, these shotguns are engineered to deliver accuracy and unrivaled reliability.




Top Semi Auto Home Defense Handguns

There are so many good firearms on the market these days that it makes a list like this difficult. But there are a few that stick out as the “Industry Standards” or “Top Dogs” if you wish. Here they are.

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Hotchkiss Type Universal - Transformer Gun

The Hotchkiss Type Universal, or "Transformer Gun" as its lovingly referred to by some, is a 1940's-era French submachine gun that folds up into a sweet little package.

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10 Cool Handguns Released in 2020

While 2020 has been challenging to say the least, its guns have not disappointed. With a bevy of new options released earlier in the year, we saw some highly anticipated releases roll in. We here at Guns.com have compiled a list of ten of them.

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Buyer's Guide: In Stock AR-15 Rifles

The AR-15 is increasingly difficult to find in these perilous times. Between rigid state restrictions and the buying frenzy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest, these rifles have been snatched up in large quantities.

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Shop Guns.com for the best deals on new and used FN America firearms for sale. Choose from bolt-action or semi-auto rifles and pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns, as well as handguns in a variety of calibers, all with numerous applications.