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Freedom Ordnance is a veteran owned and operated American company dedicated to providing you with best in quality weapons, service, and support so you can freely exercise your God given right to keep and bear arms.  “Shall not be infringed” is the core belief at the heart of their mission and something they live by daily. 


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Latest Reviews

  • If a 9mm is fun, try two belt-fed 9mms set on dual wield (VIDEO)

    Andrew with GY6 vids has a short installment of just what it looks like to run rampant on the range with a pair of Freedom Ordnance FM-9 belt-fed 9mm ARs.

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  • So there is now a belt-fed 9mm AR-15 upper out there

    Just when you thought you had the AR upper game in check, Freedom Ordnance has debuted their FM-9 9mm belt fed AR-15/M-16 upper receiver.

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