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More than 160 years ago, Benjamin Tyler Henry revolutionized the firearm industry with his introduction of the Henry lever-action repeating rifle. 

Today, Henry Repeating Arms continues the time-honored tradition of making high-quality, well-crafted firearms at a price that can be afforded by any gun enthusiast. Boasting a proud heritage, the motto of Henry Repeating Arms is “Made in America Or Not Made At All.”

One of the country’s top long gun manufacturers, Henry produces a vast selection of shotguns and rifles, including the company’s signature Golden Boy, the much-loved Henry Survival rifle, and the Mare’s Leg, a unique lever-action pistol. 

The company offers a plethora of centerfire and rimfire options and a variety of expertly crafted firearms with beautiful finishes, all made in the USA!

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Browse Guns.com for lever-action and single-shot rifles from Henry Repeating Arms, including popular models like the Classic Lever Action, Golden Boy, Mare’s Leg, and the Big Boy Classic. Find specially engraved tribute rifles and other rare beauties as well!

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Shop here for Henry USA shotguns for sale! Find lever-action and single-shot shotguns chambered in 410 bore, 20 gauge, and 12 gauge with wood or synthetic furniture and parts of steel and brass.

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Want to save even more on a high-quality, American-made rifle or shotgun by Henry Repeating Arms? Look no further! Guns.com offers a large selection of previously loved repeating rifles and shotguns by Henry USA.


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Shop Henry USA for lever-action or single-shot rifles and shotguns, as well as bolt-action rifles and youth models. Guns.com offers the best deals on new and used models.