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Henry Repeating Arms is the leading lever action manufacturer and one of the top-five long gun manufacturers in the USA. Our goal is to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast can afford. The passion, expertise, and dedication of our employees embody the company’s motto, which is “Made in America Or Not Made At All”. Rest assured, when you read the roll-mark on the barrel of a Henry it’s going to say “Made in the USA.” Henry Repeating Arms manufactures rifles and shotguns. The company produces a broad range of lever action rifles in both rimfire and centerfire calibers, in a variety of finishes, including alloy, steel, hardened brass, hardened silver, color case hardened, and All-Weather. The company’s signature model is the Henry Golden Boy, a rimfire lever action whose moniker is “the gun that brings out the West in you”. 

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Guns.com offers all of the classics from Henry Repeating Arms, like the Classic Lever Action, Golden Boy, Mare's Leg, Big Boy Classic, in addition to the special engraved tribute rifles!

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The Henry Single Shot Shotgun is available in hardened brass or steel in 12, 20 and 410 gauges. The Henry Single Shot rifle is also available in hardened brass or steel in over 10 centerfire calibers. Henry also offers a lever action shotgun. 

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Henry Goes Rogue: X Model Lever Action

Not only did the traditional lever gun company partner with Federal ammunition to offer a line of rifle ammunition designed specifically for hunting with lever action rifles in the new HammerDown, but they also showed off a new model family of modern lever guns – meet the X Model.

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First Look: Three New Hunting Rifles on Our Wish List

For hunters stashing their Christmas money for the new year’s latest and greatest, here are three serious rifles for the new decade.

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Choosing the best of the best comes with time and trials in the field. Guns.com has gathered some of our favorite options from this season’s successful whitetail hunts.

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The Guns of the final Rambo movie: Last Blood

In what is billed as the final chapter in the four-decade Rambo action flick franchise, Rambo: Last Blood opens this week– and it has a few interesting gun choices.

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